Are you using a photo editing service? Outsourcing image editing is such a hot topic for photographers right now.

Whether you already pay for someone else to edit your images, or you struggle to relinquish the task to another, have a read through this post as it may open your eyes to what’s possible with the right photo editing service.

There are plenty of options for us to outsource image editing, and it continues to be the one of the most popular ways for photographers to scale their business.

Choosing a photo editing service can be a time-consuming and frustrating process, but I’ve done my best to save you the head ache with my review below.

What is a Photo Editing Service?

At the most basic level, a photo editing service edits the photos that you take. Post production can be the most time consuming part of a photographer’s workflow, so by outsourcing this step, we can save a lot of time.

As for the actual image editing service itself, this can consist of broad adjustments of colours and exposure across a range of images, all the way down to local adjustments on an image-by-image basis, such as dodging & burning, cropping or spot removal.

In addition to Image Edit Studio, the photo editing service can also include things like culling, selecting for blog/portfolio, resizing, exporting and even uploading to client galleries.

You can entrust everything that needs to be done after you click the shutter button on you camera to a photo editing service, and this is why they are so popular right now.

What are the Benefits of Using a Photo Editing Service?

The obvious answer here is that you will save a LOT of time. Even if you’re a whizz at Lightroom, having someone else take care of all your post production will mean you have more time to yourself.

If you’re a wedding photographer like me who works alone, once you start getting lots of wedding inquiries, you need a way to scale your business.

Either you hire an associate photographer to shoot for you, or you outsource the time-consuming elements of your business to someone else.

If you love the energy and excitement of shooting weddings but loathe the time spent behind your desk editing the photos, outsourcing is for you.

By using a photo editing service, we have the option to increase the number of weddings we shoot, safe in the knowledge that we won’t drown under hours of post production.

It’s easy to see how we can scale our business and make more money by paying other people to help with our editing workload.

So aside from saving time and making more money, what are the other benefits of using an image editing service?

Well, having someone who’s arguably a much more experienced image editor than you work on your images can really open your eyes as to what’s possible in post production.

Whilst you may want your image editor to try and replicate your current style as closely as possible, you may on the other hand ask them to try something different.

Having a professional editors work on your images with fresh eyes can often lead to changes in your own stylistic preferences, updating your ‘look’ to something you’re more happy with.

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